This is why You need a wine Aerator

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Not sure if you should get a wine Aerator ?

An aerator is great for someone who loves to let their wine breathe before they drink it. Some people might be asking what exactly is a wine aerator. What happens when you pour your wine into your aerator is it filters the correct compounds for a better taste. The oxygenation process enhances  the wine and opens up the wines aromas as well as it explodes in flavor.  When i first was thinking about getting one myself i was a bit skeptical but i ended up purchasing one anyways. So glad i did! I was hoping that using the aerator would help me not feel sick sometimes when did have my wine. Strangely it helped. I think the chemicals that the aerator took out helped keep the natural chemicals in the wine and the bad chemicals out.  Its perfect to give your wine its full potential. Some people even have said when they have used it that they do not receive a hangover or feel sick afterwords. Some people have also said they still would feel sick. So its all up to the consumer and their body and their experience. Fun game people like to play are blind taste tests. They pick cheap and expensive wine and aerator one glass and leave a glass as is. You can email us with your experience , i will be reviews and writing more about the experience.

Reasons to get a Aerator

1. You don’t have to let your wine sit out like a decanter
2. Very Easy to use
3. Every wine taste better
4. Great for gifts for wine lovers
5. You can use red and white wine
6. No mess and easy to clean up
7. Amazing for get togethers and parties
8. Turns cheaper wine into better tasting wine
9. Pour only desired amount instead of whole bottle
10. Very light weight
11. Most are not expensive