GR23R05 Rechargeable Electric Grinder Sets

1. Rated Power: 25W
2. Input Power: 10W
3. Materials: Stainless Steel, ABS
4. Product Size: 170*73.5*201mm
5. Product Weight: 670g(±10g)
6. Size of Container: 70ml
7. Color: Black
1. Gift set with 2 grinders, one for pepper, one for salt.
2. Gravity activated, just simply turn upside down and get fresh ground salt or pepper.
3. The LED light will turn on automatically when the grinder is in operation.
4. Powered by lithium battery that is easy to charge with Type C cable.
5. With rechargeable charging base, convenient for storage.
Electric Grinder*2, Charging Base*1, Charging Cable*1, Manual*1, Color Box*1
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