MF24B01 Electric Milk Frother

1. Rated Power: 6W
2. Materials: Stainless Steel, ABS
3. Product Size: 35*27*224mm
4. Product Weight: 61g(±5g)
5. Color: Black
1. Simple operation: it can easily make dense milk bubbles at the touch of a button, there is no complex design, just press the button and start the mixing immediately, it can bubble in 30 seconds.
2. High energy motor: built in high-energy motor, rotating speed up to 14000rpm, provides efficient and stable mixing effect, and can easily send milk to foam.
3. Applicable to kinds of containers: any cup descriptor can be used as a milk bubble cup to easily make dense milk bubbles anytime, anywhere.
Electric Milk Frother*1, Stand(Optional)
*1,User Manual*1, Color Box*1
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